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Freeze-dried mango slices 32g

Freeze-dried mango slices are a delicious ready-to-eat snack and an ideal ingredient for desserts and many dishes! Kids and adults love it! Freeze-dried mango also contains many vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A.


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Freeze-dried mango slices are not only delicious and sweet, but also nutritious. They are a great alternative to junk food and other unhealthy snacks. If you want something sweet, snack on freeze-dried mango instead. If you start reducing junk food gradually, you won’t want it much later. Healthy foods also offer more satisfaction, and they also offer many health benefits. Sweet fruits, such as mangoes, can be high in sugar. However, fruit sugar differs from processed sugar in that it is balanced by fiber and many of the body’s nutrients.

Additional information

Weight 0.077 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8.3 cm


Nutrition information

Energy and nutritional values per 100 g: 1583 kJ / 374 kcal, 2.2 g of fat, of which 0.5 g saturated, 78.9 g of carbohydrates, 78.9 g of sugars, 9.4 g of fiber, 4.8 g of protein, 0 g of salt.
The product contains naturally occurring sugars

Ingredients: 100% mango


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About Supergarden

Supergarden is a well-known brand in the Lithuanian local market and exports its products, in addition to Estonia, to many other countries. The company is known for its high-quality products and innovative solutions and has also received awards:

  • Best New Natural Food Product. Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2018
  • Best New Snack Product. Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2019
  • Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018
  • Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019

Store in a dry and cool place.
Origin: European Union.
Manufacturer: UAB “Geld Baltic”.

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