These cookie policies are based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL and govern the use of cookies by BerryShop.

1.1. A cookie is a text file that we store in the web browser of your device (eg computer, mobile phone, tablet) only when you visit the BerryShop website. We only use cookies to make the BerryShop website work better and more efficiently.

2.1.Cookies help:

  • operate the website according to your expectations
  • avoid the need to log in multiple times in a single session
  • remember your settings
  • improve the speed and security of the BerryShop website BerryShop website content easier to share on social media (eg Facebook)
  • personalize the page when logging in, as well as find information faster
  • plan website improvements and developments make BerryShop offers and marketing messages more tailored to your needs

3.1. We use session and persistent cookies on the BerryShop website. These are cookies that we use and / or that are used by third parties.

3.1.1. Session cookies

We use session cookies every time you visit. Session cookies associate your activities on our website and are only valid during a browser session. The session starts when you open the BerryShop web page and ends when you close the page, or three hours after the last activity. All session cookies will be deleted after the visit.

3.1.2. Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies store your preferences or activities. Compared to session cookies, they have a longer service life and are valid for a specific period of time for each specific cookie. Persistent cookies are not deleted when you close the browser and are stored on your device. Persistent cookies are activated each time you visit the BerryShop website that stored a specific persistent cookie.

3.2. Classification of cookies

The BerryShop website uses cookies based on the following classification.

3.2.1. Strictly necessary cookies

Allows you to use the features of the website and remember the information entered in the forms even if the user navigates to other subpages of the BerryShop website during the session. Without strictly necessary cookies, the services of a specific website are not possible. Strictly necessary cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and do not remember which pages are viewed on the Internet.

3.2.2. Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about the use of the website and can be used to improve the way the website works. Performance cookies indicate which pages were most frequently visited, what difficulties were encountered when visiting the website, and whether or not the website’s advertising was working. Performance cookies do not collect personal information and the information collected is anonymous.

3.2.3. Functional cookies

Functionality cookies remember your choices and offer advanced and more personalized features. These cookies remember the changes you have made, but do not record activities on third-party websites.

3.2.4. Targeted cookies

Targeted or advertising cookies are used to serve ads that are relevant to your interests and to limit the number of times an ad is displayed. These types of cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and to remember what you have viewed on the website.

3.3. Third Party Functions

For example, Facebook and Google may use their own cookies or other methods to collect information about the content of our website that you have clicked on. They use this type of information to provide usage statistics analysis and ads on topics that interest you.

We do not access or control cookies placed on our site by third parties – the use of these cookies is subject to the installers’ privacy policy. To that end, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of all third parties separately.

You can read the Facebook cookie terms here:

You can read Google’s cookie policy here:

Cookies, which are strictly necessary, always accompany the use of our website. If the user refuses, it is not possible to predict how the website will continue to operate.

Please see the use of functionality cookies and targeted cookies in your browser settings:

By deleting or disabling cookies, you may lose access to some features and subpages of the BerryShop website. Changing your cookie settings will affect all web pages you visit.

It is important that if you use a third-party opt-out link to block a cookie, it may not delete the cookie from your browser, but will simply block its further use. If you want to delete a specific cookie, you must do it yourself in your browser.

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